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Eastlion Industry, a channel-marketing-oriented company based in Shanghai, for the chemical products market development overseas. As capitalized and invested by 30-years enterprise Qingdao Dolean Co. Ltd integrating with manufacturing and development, Eastlion Industry is now fast exploring chemical products market in World Business, with professional local sales team and cooperative clients.
We are focusing on providing qualified products and professional services as well as solutions to markets and clients.
Company aims to establish brand ¡°Eastlion Industry¡± for a leading position in the Global Chemical Industry. We have a wide range of chemical products with local clients¡¯ demands in the many areas around global markets. By cutting off unnecessary links and being located in the international metropolis Shanghai, we can deliver more price-competitive and cost-efficient products and services to the local markets. With the Shanghai Free Trade Zone policy, the company now is in the stable ascending stage.
1.Manufacturing facilities and cooperative suppliers;
2.Large  products fully satisfying markets¡¯ demands;
3.Local business partners and mature operation network;
4.Strongly support with bank credits.
Social Advantages:
1.Best policies supporting international trading business;
2.Joint Venture and agents in local markets with stable cooperative relationship with local relationship.
Our management objective is ¡°Customer-Friendly, Quality-Oriented, Integrative and Innovative¡±. We treasures idea of team work and cooperation with high-efficiency-centered to maximize the benefits for clients, the company and the employees.
We embrace any opportunity to boom the business and welcome any companies for cooperation and any professional talents to join our family.